Dunton Car Boot Sale

Dunton Rd (100yds off A127)
Dunton Road Basildon Essex,SS15 4DP


County: Essex

Town:  Basildon

Post Code: SS15 4DP

Dunton Car Boot Sale

Description: Weather permitting

Day: Sunday

Post Code: SS15 4DP

Seller's Arrival: 06:00 AM

Opening Hours: From: 06:00 AM  To: 07:00 AM

Entry Ticket: 20p

Seller pitch Fee:£ 11.00

Facilities:   Refreshments


This bootsale is becoming a waste of time !!! this year 2014 its closed more than open!! its only got to rain slightly mid week and the organisers close it on sunday !! its an absolute joke this year, come on organisers , dont you think your going over the top a bit with the weather situation on every occasion you have closed there has been no rain on that sunday , if your expecting perfect conditions all week in the uk then you might as well nether open !!! stop listening to your stupid iphone weather apps and do it the old way , if the fields to wet the night before then decide not to open.
Dunton may be one of the biggest bootsales in the uk but if you keep messing people around closing all the time then the people will eventually go elsewhere

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